Jennifer Sturrock (FRSA) is a

multi-disciplinary practitioner; a designer, writer and educator within the realms of research, creative process, curation and public engagement.

Working in a diverse range of environments, her background in fashion and textile design, led to specialising in knitwear, and more broadly design process through creative direction, writing and presentation. 

Jennifer has a first class honours in Fashion Design & Textiles from London College of Fashion and a Masters in Theology & the Arts from King's College London. She has partnered with various designers, businesses and institutions, working in both private and public sectors, most recently with the University of the Arts London and V&A museum, where she is senior producer of the Residency programme.

Currently based in London, Jennifer continues to weave waves, words and matter, developing her fashion and writing in various forms, most recently in poetry. She regularly travels back to her roots in Scotland, as well as internationally for research and continued collaboration.

"As a knitwear designer, I have become familiar with the nature of thread and fibre. Appreciation of the 

gentle rhythms and beauty of patterns that can be 

sewn in, as well as the moments of frustration - 

knots and ladders that inevitably occur during 

the process. After weaving and constructing fabrics with yarns for well over 20 years, 

I still find myself unpicking stitches made, reworking the narratives - pausing to 

re-imagine creations for the future. Whether it's urgently rescuing a dropped stitch or 

darning a hole that's appeared after wear years later, I've discovered that this practice 

grounds some of the experiences of the human soul, in it's own being and remembering; 

re-collection and unravelling..."